Short Stories/Poetry


Footsteps. I cowered in the corner, afraid of what was to come. The wooden staircase creaked as I heard the monster breathe heavily. It snorted. My face contorted at the thought of its slobbery tongue; it barring its sharp teeth with a menacing growl. I never knew it would come to this! I never knew that small little mistake would lead to my impending death. The footsteps became louder. Oh no, it was coming near to the door! For goodness sake, it doesn’t have to end this way, does it? It does, a voice said, almost pitying me.

I decided  today was not doomsday. I won’t die. In the dark, my right hand searched for my weapon. Nowhere to be found! Worries flooded my brain. With a heavy heart, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I can only hope for the best.

The furry monster opened the door just a crack. Then it pounced on me, making me fall backwards! The lights turned on and I could see its horrendous face!

It wagged its tail and licked me. A big golden retriever looked at me with eyes that were bright and full of adventure. I laughed as it licked my neck.

“That tickles, Rocky!” I exclaimed, a big smile on my face.

“Fine, here’s the treat you chased me for.” I said as I sat up. I picked up a dog biscuit and let Rocky devour it in a split second. My mother, standing at the door flashed me a radiant smile.

“You see? Having a dog isn’t that all that bad.” She assured me. “Also, deciding to buy dog biscuits when you don’t like them…that’s not very smart.”

I nodded my head. Rocky seemed to nod her head too. She gave her best shot at giving us a smile and her little teeth showed. “Man, this dog is a keeper!” I said to my mother excitedly. Maybe the monster wasn’t so scary after all.

Jaime Ng 1 Loyalty


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