Music Favourites


Music is a way that some people use to escape from reality. To others it could be nothing but a word that people use day to day. Music is one of my favourite things in the world and I definitely have my fair share of happy moments when listening to the soothing melodies of songs. I love many songs, far too many to list them all here! So I’ll list 3 less-well-known songs that I hope you may enjoy.

  1. Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

I absolutely adore this song! Its melody is extremely catchy and the violin is amazing! It lifts my spirits every time I listen to it. It also brings across a message of being with someone you love. Be it family or friends, it’s always better when we are with those special people. I hope it makes you think of the ones closest to you, like it did to me!


  1. Do Life Big by Jamie Grace

An upbeat song with inspirational lyrics, “Do Life Big” was one of the many songs I found through watching random lyric videos on YouTube. Its melody gives people a spring in their step and the lyrics encourage listeners to take chances and don’t back down. It tells others to love, serve and give to those around them. The song is not only uplifting, but also brings a positive message to all. That’s why I wish to share this song with you.


  1. Million Bucks by Cimorelli

“Million bucks” is a song that shows how some things in life like money and fame aren’t everything because they can only bring temporary happiness. A person who cares and loves you for who you are will truly make you happy and make you feel needed. Thus the phrase “Million Bucks” is used to express that message. A million dollars is known to be something extraordinary and is worth a lot. Therefore, I wish that you will feel like a million bucks too!


Overall, I feel that music is a universal language. Although some people may not agree, but think that even those who say they detest music like at least a certain form of it. Music could be the sound of water flowing in a river or something played on a piano. People like different genres of music and somehow, they are all connected by their similarities and differences. I hope that these songs I’ve recommended will become some of your favourites too!


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