Music Favourites

BoA or Kwon Boa, has got to be one of my favourite singers in the Korean and Japanese pop industry. Not only does her beautiful voice touch the hearts of many, her dedication to bring K-pop alive is truly inspirational, without her, K-pop might never have existed, thus her title, Queen of Korean pop.

Active in the music industry for around 16 years now, BoA has branched out into modelling, acting and more. Anticipating an old woman, people who are unfamiliar with the queen would be shock to know that she is only 29, having debuted when she was only 13! That itself can already prove how much of a legend she was and still is.

When we talk about BoA, we simply cannot ignore some of her best songs such as “Eat You Up”, “No. 1” and “”ID; Peace B”. Allow me to share with you some of her best hits.

  1. “ID; Peace B” is BoA’s Japanese debut single. It was originally sung in Korean for her debut Korean album and was met with moderate success. Not unsurprisingly, the single reached a peak of number 10 in the music charts. The song is definitely one of BoA’s best, especially since it was her Japanese debut single.

  1. “Eat You Up” was released in 2008 as an attempt for BoA to enter the western industry. The attempt was successful as the song made it to the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, peaking at number eight and staying in the chart for 12 consecutive weeks.

  1. “No.1” was released in 2002 in three different languages (Korean, English and Japanese). Despite the song not topping charts individually like her other songs but instead as an entire album, the catchy song with meaningful lyrics is still remembered by the Korean population as well as her Japanese fans.

The above songs mentioned were only three of BoA’s best songs, try listening to the Queen’s beautiful voice in your free time and you might just forgot about Gangnam Style!

Ang Yen Chi



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