The Incandescent Light


That flame,

The incandescent light,

Right with speciality,

Standing tall and bright.


That wind,

The mighty breeze,

Filled with banality,

Came along for a strive.


Beaten down,

Round and round,

Groped in despair,

As she sought for hope.


Melted Wax,

No turning back,

She supposed.


Pelting rain,

Dripping wax,

Bitter Tears On Her Face.

Melted wax,

Left an empty heart.


That last bit of wax,

Repulsive the wind went,

It would not let it go.


Flickered she went,

Desperately trying to survive,

In the sea of emptiness.


The walls crumpled down,

That small flame,

Ignites faith,

As it craves for hope.


A new ray of light,

Tough and strong,

Never getting beaten down,

Once again.


Burning and lighting,

Emitting the beauty of her true colours.


That wind now,

Gone away,

With all her wrongs.


I am the flame,

For you are the wind.


Sarah Tok (2P)


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