Food Review: Cakes

Cakes are Man’s best friend. Whether we are in the mood to binge eat or during jovial birthday celebrations, cakes have truly accompanied us on our best and worst days. With new shapes, designs and flavours being served up like rapid fire, cakes are not just culinary art but visual ones as well. Great for those who eat with their eyes and mouth, here is a list of my personal favourites:

  1. Joe & Dough Pandan Gula Melaka

Joe & Dough @ Square 2

10 Sinaran Drive #01-156

Singapore 307506



(Image credits:

Inspired by local flavours, this delightful creation takes a traditional spin on contemporary all-time-favourites. Each layer of the spongy pandan cake is generously smeared with smooth and creamy Gula Melaka. Fine coconut flakes drizzled on the top further enhances its visual appeal. However, its price may be a bit on the high-end considering the small cake size.


  1. Gastronomia Nutella Cake

Gastronomia @ Paragon

290 Orchard Road#B1-K8

Singapore 238859



(Image credits:


The chocolate balls on the top of the cake are often the first few things one notices about this sweet treat. They are a great addition for textural variety, to say the least. Despite its nearing 2-digit price, nothing beats cutting through the rich layers of nutella fudge and moist cake. Due to the generous serving, feel free to share this heavenly dessert with a friend!


  1. Melvados Red Velvet Cake Tray

FoodEdge Gourmet Pte Ltd

26 Woodlands Terrace

Singapore 738449



(Image credits:

This red velvet cake is so much more than a chocolate cake tinted red. The rich cream cheese frosting coupled with the soft layer of cake creates an unrivalled masterpiece. However, it is only sold in trays since FoodEdge is a wholesale factory. Nevertheless, it is the perfect dessert for large family gatherings.

Trina Chong (4U)


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