The Time Keeper. A book by Mitch Albom.


“A man sits alone in a cave.”

“His hair is long. His beard reaches his knees. He holds his chin in the cup of his hands. “

“He closes his eyes.”

“He is listening to something. Voices. Endless voices. They rise from a pool in the corner of the cave.”

“They are the voices of people on Earth.”

“They want one thing only.”


What is time?

“This is a story about the meaning of time and it begins long ago, at the dawn of man’s history, with a barefoot boy running up a hillside. Ahead of him is a barefoot girl. He is trying to catch her. This is often the way it is between girls and boys.”

Time, is often neglected in our lives. It is something that humans always take for granted. We spend our time like we have forever. But forever is only a thing that exists in fairy tales and myths and stories. Nothing lasts forever in this world. Not our lives, not our things, and surely not the day that is today. When today passes by, and the sun rises above the skylines, we start living in tomorrow. Today is only once a lifetime. Today is something we cannot bring back no matter how much we try.

Mitch Alboms book emphasizes the importance of time, and helps us appreciate the limited amount of time that is our life. The central character of this book is Dor, who in this fictional account invented the first clock. Dor is punished for trying to measure time by being banished to a cave for thousands of years. Dor becomes Father Time and has to listen to every person who laments about not having enough time. Eventually, in the present time, Dor has a chance to redeem himself and regain his freedom. He must help two totally different people understand the value of making wise use of time. One is a teenage girl named Sara Lemon.

I feel that this book is very beautiful in its way of expressing the thoughts and feelings of the author and characters. The book is written in a very unique way as each characters story is cut into parts. The beginning shows how each character is struggling in their efforts to make use of time. The thing that happens in one of the stories is surely something that we can relate to. Overall I feel that Time Keeper is a book worth investing in with its intricate and well thought of stories.

Hence, I recommend this book for anyone who is a big fan of literature. It is something that is definitely worth your time. Instead of wasting time, why not take the chance to read the book?

-Stephanie Guan (3U)




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