Short Stories – Beauty in a Memory


We watch the first tiny little wave gathering sea water to form a big sea wave as they gradually advance together, at the same speed, the same pace. Gradually it grew the tinniest bit smaller and reaches the shoreline. With a wind inducing swoosh, they covered the golden sand and sent shivers down my spine as the wind rushed past. It is a good feeling; it makes me remember how we walked towards our goals hand in hand, together.

The distant mountain stands alone and still in the distance, a clear reflection of how I feel now. The golden orange setting sun hides behind the mountains, but cheeky as it may be, it would not set until it could spray red paint to add colour to the dull grey of the mountain. Red, yellow and orange streaks of light splash through the sky and add a tinge of excitement to the light blue in the back, and though loneliness freezes my bones as I stand here even with them, I know they will continue to light up the darkness, filling the cold void in me.

I was momentarily overwhelmed by the rush of memories flowing through my soul, reminded of a young childhood gone by, those made with what was once our childish young hearts, and through the many years after, until we grew up. We were together, we were never apart and we were never alone. I find myself grinning to the incoming wave as I was reminded of that embarrassing moment when I cried every time I went to school; when we were running carefree on the grassy plains; when we encouraged each other as the troubles grew too massive to bear alone; the motivation we gave each other to be the best we could be and when we separated. The times we spent together – they were like the sea, the sky and the mountains. Here where we are standing together now.

Like the waves, at some point in time I accepted the fact that all of us would go our separate ways towards the end, but I keep on holding on to the belief that the waves will remain strong no matter what like the memories and bonds we share. All would be washed ashore for the sand to keep, for us to remember, buried but not lost, and we will hold on to it. We take in the salty air and live in this moment while I gaze far and wide, and embrace what the future has to offer, even after we have parted. I make myself remember this beauty in front of my very eyes.

The beauty that lasts in all our minds that we have given to each other

I believe we are all under the same sky just as we are now, so full of life and mystery ahead, under the same sky that holds the vast memories we share together, even apart it would not make a difference because under the same sky is our sea of endless memories, weaved into this beautiful scenery, that lives in our hearts forever.

Renee Ong (2J)

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