Porn’s Restaurant

I am very sure that many people have not heard of this strangely named Thai restaurant before. The very first thing that would come to mind when we hear the name of this restaurant would be pornography, however, Porn’s is nothing like that.


Porn’s is an authentic Thai restaurant owned by Singapore Mediacorp Artiste Pornsak Prajakwit and his partner Ex-Mediacorp producer Foo Tuan How. And in fact, the word porn’s, means blessing in Thai.

Booking a reservation in this restaurant is extremely hard, as the restaurant is almost always booked fully. The premises are narrow, with tables spilling out into the corridor along the road. At the indoor seating area, white walls and a glass ceiling lend a clean and airy feel.

Even with a large crowd, all our orders arrive within 20 minutes.

The green curry chicken is a must at any Thai Restaurant. It boasts a thick curry gravy that is a perfect balance of sweet and salty, and an ample portion of chicken slices. However, the curry is not spicy at all, but it is flavoursome enough for one to lap it all up.


For anyone who loves a good Thai dining experience, the Porn’s restaurant is a must go, and is definitely worth the wait.

Stephanie (3 Unity)



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