Music Favourites: Charlie Puth

After his hit single “See You Again” written and performed by himself and rapper Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth has gone from previously-unknown to stardom.

Recently, Charlie Puth has proven that he is just as successful as a stand-alone singer-songwriter with the release of his album entitled “Nine Track Mind”. It features hit singles “Marvin Gaye” featuring Meghan Trainor and “One Call Away”, including other new songs like “Suffer” and “Some Type of Love” among others. In fact, Charlie Puth is currently on tour in Europe for his newest album.

“Nine Track Mind” is actually a really interesting name, due to its significance to Charlie Puth. Whenever he starts writing a new song, he starts with eight vocal tracks and one piano track, so the number 9 has a great influence on him. In addition, he always feels like he always has many things on his mind, hence the title “Nine Track Mind”.

One of Charlie Puth’s more popular singles is “One Call Away”, which peaked at number 3 of the Top 30 Singles Chart Singapore (as of Feb 15). It is one of my personal favourites as well because of its upbeat pop soul style and its positive meaning.

Charlie Puth has credited his good friend for being the inspiration behind the song, as his friend lamented that he could not see his girlfriend everyday because they were in a long distance relationship. As a result, Charlie Puth wanted to remind people who are in a long distance relationship or they have loved ones they have not seen for a long time, that they are just one call away.

By Soh Wen Shuen (4S)




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