Movie review: Tiny Times 3


Over the long December holidays, I went overseas, by plane of course! And I believe one of the things never to miss on flights would be the in-flight entertainment system, with the endless line-up of movies. However, one movie caught my eye halfway through the flight, with its intriguing name, Tiny Times 3.

This trilogy surrounds the lives of 4 best friends who have been together since their high school days and the challenges they face together in their friendship, like break-ups, school assignments and job applications. That is if you have watched the first of the trilogy, alright. Although the whole movie is in Chinese, but the plot that revolves around them is pretty much relatable to all of us, like our daily lives and troubles of a normal high school student.

Apart from that, the cast is yet another thing to be looking forward to! The star-studded cast that includes Amber Kuo, who plays Gu Li, the rich yet smart third-generation heiress of Sheng Gu, which had been forcibly acquired by M.E. Yang Mi, who plays Lin Xiao, a kind-hearted and normal Shanghainese girl with an average background. Hayden Kuo, as Nan Xiang, a girl with an extremely poor background, with a mother deep in gambling debts, but hopes to pursue a career in design. Xie Yi Lin playing as Tang Wan Ru, the crazy and  sportiest member of the quartet, who is involved in a love triangle with her closest friend of the quartet, Nan Xiang and high-school heartthrob, Wei Hai, played by Calvin Tu.

Not to miss out, supporting characters, like Gu Li’s lover from high school, Gu Yuan, played by Taiwanese actor who shot to stardom after popular award-winning movie, Apple of My Eye, Kai Ko. Apart from that, other important supporting characters, Zhou Chong Guang played by Chen Xue Dong, who has charmed audiences with his boyishly handsome looks. Vivian Dawson, who plays Gong Ming onscreen, was not only commended for his en pointe acting and good looks, but also for speaking Chinese throughout the whole film, despite his New Zealander origin and place of birth being Singapore. Lee Hyeon Jae, playing Neil, Gu Li’s brother-like cousin, who turns out to be gay later on in the movie and likes Gu Zhun, Gu Li’s long lost brother, who is played by Ming Ren, who holds onto the remaining 20% of stocks to ShengGu.

  The story then develops and the 4 girls are found to be fighting amongst themselves. They eventually decide to part, going their own ways, with mixed feelings of betrayal and regret growing by the second. They soon come to realize, however, as they walk down the memory lane, that despite all the fights and arguments they had along the way, that they couldn’t seem to find a solution to this very argument. The 4 girls then decide that their friendship will not go down the drain and they find one another, in the hopes of becoming friends again.

  Unexpectedly, as Wan Ru goes to find Nan Xiang, she finds Nan Xiang being chased by debt collectors and decides that she is not going to leave her friend in the lurch.  As Wan Ru sacrifices herself, she is left with major head injuries and is unconscious. As Lin Xiao walks along an alley after a huge fight with Gu Li, she sees Nan Xiang and Wan Ru and immediately calls Gu Li, who walks home, finding Gu Yuan sitting at her doorstep. Picking Lin Xiao’s call after much hesitation, she rushes to their cry for help. The scene is then left unattended, as it starts again, with the 4 ‘sisters’ in a hospital ward, only to hit Lin Xiao that Wan Ru loses her memory, not remembering who her best friends are…

With the ending left untold, I shall leave it up to you to watch the rest of the movie by yourself! This movie is available online and anyone is free to enjoy this movie whenever they feel like! So, why not give it a try and perhaps, you might just fall in love with it!

Rachel Pang (4H)



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