Mean Girls


“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”

The story begins when Cady, a homeschooled sixteen-year-old girl, returns to United States with her parents after a research trip in Africa. Cady is enrolled at North Shore High School, where she meets some new classmates, Janis and Damian. They advise her to stay away from the Plastics, the most popular clique led by Regina. However, the Plastics invite Cady to sit with them at lunch one day. Seeing that Cady was starting to get along with them, Janis hatched a plan for revenge, using Cady as the infiltrator. Soon, Cady learns about the Burn Book, a book filled with gossips about everyone in the school, including some teachers, except for the Plastics themselves.

Later, Cady begins to have a crush on Aaron, who she finds out after that is Regina’s ex-boyfriend. The other members of the Plastics tell her that there is an unspoken rule where girls are not allowed to date their friend’s ex-boyfriends, so Cady decides to back off. As time passes, Cady, Janis and Damian succeed in taking their revenge on Regina slowly using different methods to cause her to lose her popularity. However, through that process, Cady gradually turns into ‘a second Regina’, to the point that Janis, Damian and Aaron stopped being friends with her. When Regina finds out about Cady’s betrayal, she wrote something in the Burn Book and spread the contents around the school anonymously, causing chaos and the other members of the Plastics to be in trouble. Cady tries to make amendments with her friends after she realises that she was in the wrong, and felt less guilt after returning to her old personality.

Mean Girls is a teen comedy film which is based on a non-fiction self-help book, Queen Bees and Wannabes. It describes female high school social cliques and what damaging effects they can cause high school girls. This film teaches us that not everything that we think is important during our teen period actually is, like our popularity in school or getting a boyfriend. Because this is a comedy film, it is pretty funny but can get serious in a few seconds, thanks to the actors and actresses’ great acting! I would definitely recommend you to watch this movie.

Jing Rung

2 Diligence


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