Happy Chinese New Year

“Didn’t I already tell you yesterday!” For a 9 year old, Ethan was a feisty one. Out of all of the kids, he loses his temper the easiest. I have to say that I used to be like him. But I eventually learned how to overcome it. I sat him down and told him my story of patience…


Before stepping in, I glanced in to make sure she was there. She was donned in her red cheongsam and was sitting in the midst of a fully decorated house. I reached in my bag for the mandarin oranges as I clinked open the door. “Happy Chinese New Year, Grandma!” She gently nodded and gave me an ang pow. After thanking her, I told her to go and change up and get ready for bedtime. After she fell into her peaceful sleep, I headed out of her room and proceeded to take out the money from the ang pow and put it back into the piggy bank. I removed all the decorations she put up one by one, trying not to wake her up. Then, I went to the calendar stuck on the wall and crossed out that day’s date – the third of September, as I mumbled under my breath, “Happy Chinese New Year, Grandma…”

Giselle Cho (2F)



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