Food Review – Shrove Tuesday’s Rainbow Cheesecake

As a cake lover, I set very high standards for every cake that I come across. I am a person who prefers something that is not too particularly sweet and overpowering so that I would enjoy it to my very last bite and even crave for it when there is nothing left on my plate.

I was first introduced to the Rainbow Cheesecake after a hearty meal at a nearby hawker centre and, if not for my friend’s recommendation, I would never have found a hidden shop round the corner. This shop is none other than Shrove Tuesday. Here is some information about the producers of the cake. A very long time ago, behind the story of this very special day, Shrove Tuesday was a Tuesday for feasting and enjoying together. Being a dessert shop for feasting on the tempting delicacies it has to offer and enjoying them together with friends and family, it is therefore named Shrove Tuesday. Located in a neighbourhood, it is a very small and ordinary shop but it is cosy and ideal for customers to sit down, enjoy a specially prepared cheesecake and have a good long chat with your friends and family members! Located among hawker centres and HDB flats nearby, it might be quite hard to realise its existence, but good food does exist in places we never knew.

It appeared colourful and intriguing to me at first sight. Out of curiosity, my parents and I tried it. It was a rather creative design as the different colours of the cake represented different flavoured parts of the cheesecakes. You start at the tip with red and you get a hint of strawberry inside, it manages to strike a perfect balance between the “cheese” and the strawberry. Both tastes come together just right and one does not overpower the other. The cake is nicely segmented into suitable small parts so that you get the right amount of ‘dosage’ of each different flavour and would definitely never feel sinful after a few bites. Follow the colours of the rainbow and unknowingly, you would step into a different world of flavours overwhelming you each time: orange, lemon, pandan, blueberry, yam and not to miss a layer of vanilla underneath the cake just above the crispy crust. The best part is that none of the flavours taste like sweet, false flavouring. Every colour on the cake blends in together perfectly, connected one after another and the taste creating a perfect combination of all flavours converging in your mouth. Every cake shows the effort taken to craft it, the producers having managed to create such an aesthetically pleasing and delicious masterpiece which definitely has attracted many customers to settle for it.

My advice: savour it from the top to the bottom in every bite, and finish it from the tip to the end. It’s unique, it’s good, and it’s waiting for you!



Image credits to Shrove Tuesday’s Instagram: shrovetuesday_sg

Renee Ong
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