The Exam

Ben and Jake have always been the top in their classes and always getting As for their exams. The day before their last paper in university, they were confident that they could do well for the paper, biology, and went out to party and hang out. However, the next day, the both of them overslept due to partying too late and was late for their biology paper. Instead of rushing to school to do their paper, they came up with an excuse and told their professor that they were unable to make it for the paper as they had got into an accident with another car as they were driving to school, causing them to not be able to reach the campus on time.

The professor thought through the matter and told them that they could do a make-up the next day. Happy that they managed to trick their professor, the two of them went back and studied for the paper.

The next day, their professor put them in two separate rooms and told them to begin. The first question was 3 marks and it was easy, the both of them managed to solve it. However, the next question make their jaws drop. It was a 97 marks question. “What was the brand of the car that you got into an accident with?”

Chevonne Law (4J)


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