Lost stars, trying to light up the dark?


Lost stars, the song that got everyone hitting the repeat button, is a new original song that was performed by famous band, Maroon 5 for the movie Begin Again. The song proved to be a great hit, which flaunted lead singer, Adam Levine’s powerhouse vocals and the stirring accompaniment, wavering hearts of many, with its heart wrenching lyrics and Levine’s soulful vocals. Although, it may seem overrated, I personally feel that the song brings about a deep meaning, as it talks about how many struggle to stay alive in this day and age, where the need to fit into the system is very pressurizing. However, the soft touches to some lyrics, such as ‘yesterday, I saw a lion kiss a deer’, can also convey the message that, we can still find hope in society, as it is rare for a predator to not think of its prey as food, but as its friend, showcasing the innocence that is still possible in society.

As a huge fan of Adam Levine, I admire him for how he incorporates so many emotions into his songs and I would definitely say that he has indeed done it again. The incredible song is not only an appealing and beautiful masterpiece, it is also one that showcases how our current society works as a whole and how people are sadly unable to embrace it. In response, we should find ways to reach out to these lost stars, who need help to become part of our galaxy and make a change to help them light up the dark.

Lost Stars (Adam Levine) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL4uhaQ58Rk

Rachel Pang (4H)


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