Food Review

When you see a succulent chicken hanging at the front of a hawker stall, you are looking at one of Singapore’s most famous dishes – chicken rice. To be a national dish, it must first be strongly associated with a country for being a staple food or a key player in the country’s feasts. But there is definitely more when it comes to Singaporean chicken rice.

A good plate of chicken rice should come with a gelatinous chicken skin layered on top of the smooth meat. The rice must be aromatic and not overly greasy. Lastly, the garlic-chilli sauce must be balanced with a powerful kick that does not numb the tongue. As you sink your teeth into the chicken, its juices should ooze and fill your mouth. Pairing that with the incredible sauce, it should taste like a feisty one. Not forgetting the rice which gives the dish a good base. If any one of these components are not done to perfection, it would taste like any other ordinary dish. This makes chicken rice like a dog – loyal, reliable and brings smiles to faces.

So the next time you experience a local hawker centre, remember that you cannot go wrong with chicken rice.



Giselle Cho (2F)


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