Opinions On Society: Cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgery is getting more popular these days as many choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to make themselves look better. However, is cosmetic surgery really necessary?

Many would think that it is fine to undergo cosmetic surgery, to boost one’s self confidence. But plastic surgery is never 100% safe. There is always a risk of walking out of the clinic with a face even worse. So, why do so many people still take the risk?

Cosmetic surgery is extremely common especially among celebrities, since they have to live up to the expectations of being beautiful and flawless. The immense pressure celebrities face for their beauty is also one main reason why they choose to undergo cosmetic surgery. Many celebrities have the mindset that as long as they aren’t beautiful, no one is going to like them and support them. However, is that true? If people are more understanding and accepting, would the number of people undergoing plastic surgery still be the same?

According to the Straits Times, one in three youths in Singapore think it is perfectly all right to go for cosmetic procedures at their age – with 14 out of the 1,400 surveyed admitting that they have already undergone such treatment. And although more than a third approved of youth going for cosmetic treatments, almost two in three said they would be embarrassed if people who are not family or close friends found out that they had done so.

So, why do people resort to doing plastic surgery to improve their looks, and feel ashamed of it afterwards? Have you ever thought about it, if society would be more accepting and wouldn’t judge anyone for their appearance, wouldn’t there be more natural beauties around?

Many actually do not know about the risks of plastic surgery, and only focus on how much better they would look with plastic surgery. Is beauty really that important for a person?

I personally think that cosmetic surgery is not necessary and we are all beautiful in our own unique ways, so why should we change a part of us just to please others? A beautiful heart is the most important and it is also a very important factor in getting others to accept you. So appreciate your own beauty and don’t think too much about changing how you naturally are!

Chevonne Law (4J)


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