A Nightmare


Ming Ting

I ran and ran. Cold sweat ran down my face, soaking my shirt. Whatever that thing was, one thing for sure. It was coming for me. My feet pounded against the stone gravels and the cold wind slapped my face as I ran. I was panting very hard but I knew I had to pick up my pace before it catches up to me. I could feel its hot breath against my back.

My energy was slowly draining and the road in front of me seems endless. My will to keep going had slowly become weaker. Every fibre in my body was screaming at me to stop but my mind told me to persevere on. I finally picked up pace and sprinted ahead. I started to see stars and I could feel my legs starting to give way.

I turned around and saw it charging straight at me, never once losing its pace. Its determination to get me was stronger than I thought. Should I give out now? It seemed that clearly from the start it was always a neck to neck race between me and it. I could never have stood a chance at outrunning it, seeing how strong it was.

I could hear someone calling my name faintly. Suddenly, my legs became weak and buckled underneath me. I went sprawling onto the ground, landing right in the way of it. It took a few steps towards me and stared down at me with those menacing eyes. I could see it now. He was not an it. He was Dracula. A supernatural with a heart as black as coal. He leaned towards me with that malicious smile of his. Oh no. Here comes…

“Rebecca! Rebecca! Wake up! “I felt someone gently shaking me. My mind cleared as I slowly opened my eyes. “You were screaming while you were sleeping. Having one of those nightmares again, darling? I told you not to watch horror movies before you sleep, didn’t I?” My mum comforted me while hugging me close in an embrace. I could still picture the scenes just now and that smile of his gave me goose bumps. From afar, his laughter still rang loud and clear. My heart keeps telling me it was all just a nightmare.

Oh, so it was all just a nightmare.

Or, was it?

Tan Ming Ting (2L)


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