People – Rachel Platten

We all know the well-loved ‘Fight Song’ which topped the charts at some point in time for a few consecutive weeks in 2015. This might not have been considered as the trendiest song of all time but I believe most of us were (and some still are) in love with this song because of the strong and deep meanings behind the meaningfully penned lyrics. However, have you guys ever wondered about the voice further enhancing the meaning of this beautiful and successful song? It is none other than Rachel Platten.

Rachel Ashley Platten, a native of Massachusetts born on May 20th 1981 and songwriter of uplifting powerful and encouraging pop anthems, began building on her talents since the young age of 4. Having been mostly immersed in the world of music since young, she also grew up learning classical piano. Since young, she had the dream of becoming a singer-songwriter, however, it seemed impossible to her at that time. Who knew that through her first unforgettable experience of standing on stage and performing for the very first time in front of 80,000 people at the International Soca Monarch Finals, her passion and love for pursuing her music career was at that moment, lit up by that burning fire she felt having been on stage for the first time, connecting with the audience. She never knew that she would be able to pursue music as a career but she still made it in the end.

Thereafter, her career included much collaboration with other famous singers such as Avril Lavigne, Andy Grammer, Taylor Swift and many more. Through her journey, life was not easy – having to carry a heavy keyboard when leaving and returning home every day and sometimes performing when the audience’s full attention is not given to you. It never bothered her what others thought about her; she just enjoyed the process of her musical career to the fullest and made use of chances to do what she liked best. A few of her well-known albums include her single ‘1000 ships’, Wildfire which includes ‘Stand by You’. Of course, not to miss out, there is ‘Fight Song’ which has topped the charts before.

Not only is this talented singer and songwriter beautiful, her positive outlook of life which has greatly affected her songs is commendable. Her songs, which tell a personal story, have inspired many in their times of trial and difficulty. She would always have a smile plastered on her face wherever she went and when doing whatever she did. Her strong will, attitude and mindset when perceiving and overcoming challenges is one of the main reasons I love her and her songs, apart from her amazing, light vocals which brings out perfectly the message the lyrics want to convey to listeners, bringing out the essence of the song which I hope, has inspired us all even in our own different ways. In my opinion, Rachel is also a reminder that nothing is impossible. I think the character traits I respect a lot about her would be her perseverance, determination and attitude. Through her struggles and all the obstacles in her journey in the music career, she never gave up no matter what and did her best. Her ‘Fight Song’ portrays this strong determination that was never shaken no matter what.

I quote a part in one of her quotes: ‘believing when there wasn’t much to believe in’. We have a lot to learn from her in the hustle and bustle of our lives when obstacles are part of our everyday lives. Even when it seems like there is no hope to hold on to, you believe and hold on to it anyway. We fight for what we want and stick with it to the end – and remember, whenever you need some motivation, just know that there would always be someone who would ‘Stand by You’ and that each of us has a ‘Fight Song’. 🙂


Renee Ong (2J)


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