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Queen of Peace is a song by Florence Welch and her record producer, Markus Dravs. It was recorded by the British indie rock band Florence and the Machine and first appeared on the group’s third studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. Queen of Peace was featured in a ten-minute double-feature music video that also includes the song “Long and Lost” from the album as well. In this song, the signature African-goth drums that were in her previous songs are replaced by a dry, mid tempo Motown backbeat accompanied with the sounds of the tambourines and the orchestra.

I am captivated by this song and its lyrics. Even though the tune is an upbeat and catchy one, the lyrics are a lot more profound and share a deeper meaning. For example, the verse “oh, the queen of peace, always does her best to please, is it any use?, somebody’s gotta lose” . Even though it’s presented in a light tone, the deeper meaning behind it is really true in real life situations. In real life, I feel that this line is very relatable as the leader cannot please everyone as everyone has different opinions. Even if the leader pleases majority of the crowd, the minority will be unhappy and therefore, not everyone will be pleased.

If you haven’t heard the song, find some free time and have a listen! Trust me, it’ll be worth the listen. You could listen to the whole album as it is quite good too! Be sure to check out Florence’s other albums, Lungs and Ceremonials!



Germaine Ong (2L)



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