Movie Review: Inside Out

Initially released on June 17, 2015 in France, Inside Out is a coming-of-age film that touched the hearts of the young and old alike. The film follows eleven-year-old Riley’s feelings and experiences as she moves against her will from her perfect life in Minnesota to an entirely different life in San Francisco. Like every other human, Riley’s decisions are guided by five personified emotions which live inside her head – namely Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Riley struggles to adapt to her far-from-expectations life in San Francisco, whereby her first experience in the city immediately deters her from having any further high hopes. However, chaos reigns inside Riley’s mind and subconscious and plummets Riley into near-depression, making her new life seem horrible.

Inside Out appeals to an audience of all ages, mainly due to its ability to combine the two elements of simplicity and sophistication into one amazing film. It also addresses the issue of growing up – one frame of the film showed Riley picking up a boy’s water bottle at a hockey match and his brain almost short-circuiting at having to come into direct contact with a girl, addressing the beginnings of puberty and noting the difference between males and females. While Inside Out brings up many mature discussion points, it also has a lot of humour, which lightens the heavy atmosphere. The film also deals with loss, impulsive decisions and petty crimes, some of the many things that come with growing up.

Overall, I loved the film. Inside Out was a wonderfully touching film about leaving a childhood behind for the better. The film tugged at my heartstrings with its poignant plot. It reminds us that although life doesn’t always turn out how we want it and change may not necessarily be a bad thing.


Chua Wei Ting (2T)


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