Food Review – Pork Floss Ice Cream

Taipei is undoubtedly a food haven, with a wide variety of mouthwatering food for all food lovers to try. Ximen is one of the places in Taipei that offers an abundant selection of famous delicacies ranging from noodles in rich oyster broth to crispy and juicy fried chicken. One of these delicacies includes Snow King ice cream.

Contrary to the initial impression you would probably have of Snow King ice cream, it  is actually a very unique ice cream shop. Unlike the common flavours sold in the market, this particular ice cream shop sells 73 ice cream flavours. Some of these flavours such as mango are seasonal while others such as strawberry and peach are available all year round. Snow King ice cream’s specialty flavours include pork floss ice cream, sesame oil chicken ice cream and stewed pig’s feet ice cream.

The first ice cream flavour I tried was pork floss – one of the best sellers and also the only one of its specialty flavours I felt that I could stomach. Like any other ice cream, it was creamy and milky. However, what differentiated it was the distinctive salty taste of pork floss and the wisps of it that were well mixed into the scoop of ice cream.

My second flavour was watermelon. This flavour has a refreshing taste and its texture is also similar to that of watermelons – juicy and slightly crisp. The small chunks of watermelon buried in the scoop of ice cream certainly provided an element of surprise. All in all, the ice cream really captured the essence of the watermelon.

My third flavour, yam, topped the ice cream treat off with a sweet yet light taste. It tasted similar to yam paste and its texture was also equally thick and creamy. Furthermore, top grade yams were used to make the ice cream so you can definitely be assured of the quality and freshness of the ingredients used in making the various ice cream flavours. Yam certainly left a satisfying and comfortable aftertaste, and I would recommend that you dig into it last if you ordered a couple of flavours in one go.

The service provided and hospitality shown by the shop owner all goes to show how warm and welcoming his personality is. He makes all patrons feel at home. To make the shop more tourist-friendly, there are both Chinese and English versions of the menu available. If you plan to visit Taipei during the holidays, do stop by this ice cream shop and try their unique ice cream flavours!


Chloe Kho (2P)


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