Broken Shards of Glass

I remember how easily all of us used to make friends when we were younger, with just a simple hello and a wave of the hand. I remember how we would smile at each other, after one of the biggest fights we have ever had, the day before. But, what I will never forget would be how we simply drifted apart, without any warning or sound, we just let silence consume us whole. The reason? It is still unbeknownst to me, but deep down, I have it all figured out.

I hide from you, intentionally, but you do not realise. Probably, because of how fame has changed you, turning who you truly are upside down. Can I blame you though, when I was the one who chose to shy away from your outgoing and materialistic group of friends? In spite of that, I thought it was my realness and quiet nature, that was what attracted you in the first place. Was it true that I was simply your substitute for when you were climbing up the ladder of fame? Perhaps, I was indeed, foolishly being used by you, seeing that I was an easy prey. It hurts to see what popularity and fame can do to people, or at least, you. I never knew the truth behind how people, who were the best of friends, could simply become hi-bye friends, with the wiggle of a tail, and never would I have seen this coming in our friendship.

Was this really an illusion, a twisted reality or furthermore, an act of pretence? They say that popularity can make you turn your backs on your loved ones, and I never disagreed with that. However, it never crossed my mind that that sentence would use you as an example. Perhaps, I should have never made you a priority, when all I was to you was merely an option. And now, when I try to pick up these broken shards of our friendship, you are still cutting me, like razor-edged glass. And so I guess, it is officially goodbye to this friendship that was never meant to be.

Farewell, my friend, farewell to all the memories that we have made, to the scars we keep, and to the tears we shed.


Rachel Pang (4H)


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