Book Review: The Young Elites by Marie Lu

The Young Elites is a novel written by Marie Lu, a fast-moving novel about young outcasts who develop mysterious magical powers. This story revolves around a girl, named Adelina Amouteru who is a survivor of a blood fever that happened a decade ago. Her cruel father believes that she is an abomination and ruining their family name. Teren Santoro works for the king and his job is to seek out the Young Elites, people who are like Adelina. Enzo Valenciano , a member of the Dagger Society, seeks out young elites before Teren Santoro can. Adelina was later discovered to have powers that were never seen, abilities that should not belong in this world.

This book contains a one of a kind dark and rich fantasy. What makes this book so enticing is that there is no wrong or right. Each side is clouded with mystery that it is hard to decide which direction to go to. You might even start to question the main character sometimes.

This book is so intriguing that it makes you want to keep turning the pages. This book also keeps me on the hook because it is full of surprises, I never know which direction this story is going to take and it is frustrating and exciting at the same time. The value that this book conveys is loyalty and the determination to not leave anyone behind and stand by each other.

This book is an incredible masterpiece and I am very grateful to get my hands on it. The epilogue was amazing and it left me wondering what will happen in the next book. This made me excited for the next book.


Tan Ming Ting (2L)



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