Food Review: Omurice

Have you ever heard of the dish called Omurice? Omurice originated from Japan and is otherwise known as Omelette rice. It is a much enjoyed dish that is well received in other countries, and countless restaurants around the world have even created modified versions of Omurice while still retaining the original flavour. Indeed, Omurice is an irreplaceable dish that has added a touch of creativity and uniqueness to modern Japanese cuisine, and it has been featured on a large number of food reviews written by international tourists and the Japanese alike.

Omurice basically consists of fried rice wrapped in a delectable fried omelette and is usually topped with ketchup. Designs of ketchup of the Omurice is also not uncommon. The dish not only satisfies the taste buds as well as the stomach, but is also aesthetically pleasing which really entices people to consume it.

The first bite will burst into a sea of sweetness combined with the fragrance of the rice which is further enhanced by the slight saltiness of the omelette. You further savour it by munching on the rice which complements with the omelette and the ketchup that is fully distributed. This can be what attracts people to eat it on a daily basis.

Omurice is a well-known dish among the Japanese. Although it may look simple, the dish is packed with proteins and carbohydrates and Vitamin C from tomato. Now you can definitely eat this often with the knowledge of its nutritional benefits.

Do check out the recipe if you want to make it yourself as making the simpler version of Omurice is not of high technical difficulty for people with culinary skills. However, it is available in places that sell Japanese cuisine and you can try it there.

Take a bite and you won’t regret!


June (4L) & Calista (4L)


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