Rush Hour

It’s that time of the day, when everyone is going home. Peak hour, as most call it. Unfortunately, you have to squeeze into the jam-packed MRT carriage as well. You let out a sigh, and patiently wait for an unbelievable number of people to alight before you board. You don’t even bother looking for a seat, as you already know it would be impossible to find one at this time. Immediately you head towards an available handrail. Alas, you couldn’t get there in time. It has already been claimed by a middle-aged man. Instead, you grab on to the next open one, which just has to be on the opposite end of the train carriage. Just before you get there, the train lunges forward. You fall flat on your face, much to the amusement of other commuters. With a slightly bruised knee, and an even sorer pride, you climb up with your face flushed. Mortified, you hurriedly grabbed a handrail and hang on to it for dear life. After what seemed like forever, the monotonous robotic voice announces your station. You have never been more relieved in your life. Almost running off the carriage, you let out an enormous sigh. Finally.

Jocelyn Lim


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