Movie Review: Assassination Classroom Live Action


My rating: 9.5/10

IMDB rating: 7.5 /10

My summary: In the high school, where main protagonist Nagisa Shiota studies at, there exists class 3-E, which is the class for dropouts, delinquents and the like. When the headmaster of the high school introduces a new homeroom teacher to them, they find out that that homeroom teacher is an Octopus like, alien creature that recently destroyed the moon. Since they are dropouts, it is decided that the class will be trained in assassination and are tasked to assassinate their homeroom teacher that claims to destroy Earth by the end of the year (he is extremely hard to kill due to extreme speed).

My opinions: Assassination Classroom ( a.k.a  Ansatsu Kyoujitsu) is a recent movie that is adapted from Anime, which is a type of Japanese Animation Show. But watching the original series is not necessary if you want to watch the movie, as it is merely a live adaptation.

I feel that the characters are extremely well developed and have fitting personalities that match their description. The movie slightly differs from the original show, but I think it is very well paced and fun to watch, as the plot is not too rushed and there are many funny and cute scenes. Although the viewers will have to read subtitles, because the movie is voiced in Japanese. Even though the plot may sound a little cheesy at first, it is in reality pretty cool.

Main protagonist Nagisa is an extremely lovable character. And along with other main characters, mainly Karma and Koro-sensei (alien that destroyed the moon),they form a hard to break bond. As the movie progresses, I fell in love with the characters even more and new characters are introduced at a good pace, coming along with a good hint of comedy.

In conclusion, if anyone has free time, and loves a good and interesting movie and does not mind subtitles, it is a definite must watch.

Stephanie Guan (2P)


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