Music Favourites!

Here are 2 of my favourite songs that I enjoy listening to during my free time 🙂

  1. Loser by Big Bang


Loser is a Korean song by big bang that came out around the end of April. The song takes an overall slow, pop beat which is what I enjoyed most about it. The members of Big Bang also slayed the chorus with their amazing vocals and did a good job in delivering the emotions of the song. The only thing I didn’t like about the song were the lyrics which mainly talks about putting on a facade to fit into society and I felt that it had a little too much negativity in it. The song also has quite a lot of rap so if you’re interested, do check it out here:

2. Bad by Infinite


The second song I chose is bad by infinite which came out just a few days ago. The song starts off with an instrumental which slowly and dramatically builds up into the first verse. The good use of the violin at the start also caught my attention. The verse kept the beat up while the pre-chorus slowed things down a little and served its purpose as a change of pace before the chorus hit. Another interesting thing about this song is that there were two videos being released with one of them being a 360ver. I personally found the 360ver very unique. You can watch it here: (Normal Ver) (360Ver)

Fiona (3F)


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