My Hot Air Balloon

green grass waved goodbye in the wind

to a gondola based on cane

high above the heavens grinned

upon a bulging envelope rising up this lane

silently it left behind

the plateau of buildings trembling

roaring, crackling the fire reminds

of the subsequential  landing

committing the sin of defying gravity

it forms a family among the clouds

scaling the mountains in all their majesty

erasing every trace of doubt

so it seems to leave a legacy

in the reflection staring back

far beyond its childhood enemy

seizing what it lacks

blinded by the golden mist

tempted by the winds

every ambition, every promise, every wish

made true with broad grins

however the mist disperses

to reveal a shared sky

all this while it was immersed

in a world infinitely high

now at the other colours’ chases

its fire loses confidence

forgetting all the places

waiting for the consequence

the fire retires silent

while the balloon turns weary

prepare for the landing of this deflated giant

who leaves in such a hurry

the roughest days start out great

I miss the thrill of the flight

my quarrel with fate

ended with the tunnel at the end of light

This poem is about disappointment. In this poem, I used the metaphor of a hot air balloon which rises because of the energy generated by the fire within and once the fire is completely consumed, it will inevitably fall to the ground. As students, we need inspiration or motivation in order to sustain us when school becomes tiring, hence I hope that the ‘fire’ I am referring to would not be hard to relate to.  Because it was based on an event that recently happened to me, I decided to call the hot air balloon my own and hence the title “My Hot Air Balloon” despite the fact that the poem is written from the third person point of view for the most part.

Trina (3U)


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