Music Favourites

Not too long ago, the school was shaken by a visit from United Record’s Scarlet Avenue. Comprising 2 Singaporean brothers, the duo has been composing and performing songs since 2005. Their works revolve around the acoustic genre, and the strumming of their guitars creates not only perfect harmony but also calming instrumentals. The brothers thank their childhood experience in France for exposing them to a culture of arts, which they used to their advantage to create a name for themselves. Since Amos and Adam are both aged 23 and 19 respectively, their lyrics resonate especially with the younger generation, which is no wonder why even though not many recognised them when they first came up on stage, more and more people gradually clapped to the rhythm of their beat, becoming instant fans. The three songs they performed were Paper Planes, their latest single Lighthouse and the SG50 Capitaland song entitled ‘You & Me’. Each song was a joy to listen to and ended in thunderous applause from the audience. After their electrifying performance, the audience was invited for a photo-taking session with the suave duo and queues snaked all around the spiral staircase.

-Trina (3U)


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