Opinions on Society: #StopYulin2016

It is believed that at least 10 million dogs are slaughtered every year for human consumption in China. I shudder at the mere thought of this horrifying spectacle.

True to the title of an article published on 30 June 2015 about this, “Doggone it, they’re family, not food”, our fellow canines deserve to be treated humanely. They too, like us, have a heart and feelings of their own. Surely they can feel it when we shower them abundantly with love and bask in merriment. Likewise, when you turn a cold shoulder on them and treat them as invisible thin air, their confusion and loneliness causes them to whimper in distress.

It breaks my heart that our fellow companion – man’s best friend – was slaughtered on a large scale for a dog-meat festival. I know this festival is a tradition of the Yulin locals, and that eating dog meat in various ways is part of their culture. To them, dog meat brings good luck, improves circulation and fights colds. However, I disagree that just because it is their culture and their belief, a total of 10,000 dogs have to suffer and be slaughtered.

It is just inhumane for these innocent canines to be slaughtered because of the Yulin locals’ culture. I respect their tradition, but I feel that in this 21st century, some traditions need to go – and this is one of them. These treasured companions of ours had their whole lives ahead of them that could be well spent having a blissful life under the tender care of a loving owner if they had not ended up at the slaughterhouses. It may be their tradition, but surely, some traditions should go – and I feel that this is one of them.

It tears my heart to know that our fellow companion – man’s best friend – is being treated this way. Dogs love their masters unconditionally. While our love for them may not be as selfless and unconditional as theirs, we should care for them sincerely, from the moment we adopt them till their death. You may feed your dog only three times a day but he faithfully watches over you every single moment. Other than giving a dog a loving home where he can spend the rest of his life in, the least we can do for these canines is to support #StopYulin2016. Hopefully, with a larger number of supporters this early in time, the canine carnage can be stopped and thousands of dogs can be saved from this cruelty.

Chloe Kho (1P)


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