Book Review: Girl, Missing by Sophie Mckenzie


“Who am I?

  I put my head in my hands.

  How can anyone work out who they are, unless they know where they come from?

  And I have no idea where I come from.”

When tasked to write an essay about herself, Lauren does not know what to write about, she does not know where she truly came from and did not know who she was. All along she knew she was adopted and has always wanted to know the truth to her burning questions. Who is her biological parent? Why was she adopted and who was responsible for her kidnap? She runs away, in search of the answers to her questions, hoping to find her biological parents, the truth about her life and desperately finding herself. However, the more she finds out, the more danger she puts herself and the people around her in. It was never an easy task to find out the truth about your past when no one is willing to tell you anything about it. She must find the answers herself while the ones responsible for her kidnap are willing to stop her at any cost.

This award-winning, thrilling, action-packed novel by the one and only Sophie Mckenzie is filled with complications but they all emphasise on the same point at the end of the day: identity. Knowing who you are and that no matter what happens, knowing and being aware of yourself is the key to everything. On this journey with Lauren, you will find yourself unable to put this fast-paced book down. As you journey with Lauren, you will find that courage, love and knowing yourself are part of the complicating puzzle of life which one cannot lose. Revolving around the question that constantly rings in your ears – who am I – this book is worth the read and would leave a deep impression in your mind after reading it.

This book has constantly reminded me to portray courage and love – having the courage to face all odds and persevering on until you get the answer that you want, treasuring the people around you and finding yourself. We all have times of trouble when we forget who we really are and we lose ourselves. When we remind ourselves what makes us who we truly are, we would be able to accomplish anything.

Sister, Missing, the sequel to Girl, Missing, complements the first book so well that you would want to “devour” the third book to this thrilling series, Missing Me, once you have started on it. All these novels carefully crafted by the talented author Sophie Mckenzie who manages to create tension and suspense throughout the book and never fails to get you hooked onto any book once you start reading it!

Renee Ong (1J)


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