Amos Yee: 5 facts about the boy behind the video


You might have heard about the Youtube video that went viral over the weekends after our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 91, had passed away. The video, entitled ‘Lee Kuan Yew is finally dead’ , was posted by Raffles Institution dropout, Amos Yee, 17 this year, in which he spoke of Lee Kuan Yew as a dictator, mentioned that he hoped Mr Lee would not rest in peace and even  brought up sensitive religious remarks regarding Christianity. By Sunday, the video received more than 600,000 views. It has since been taken down.

20 police reports have since been filed against Amos Yee and after being arrested, he is currently out on a $20,000 bail. Following his bail, his own mother has reportedly filed a police report against her own son, claiming that his behaviors have gotten out of control and that he has reached the point of being ‘ungovernable’. He was captured walking out of the State Courts on 31st March, smiling, while his parents looked sombre.

Amos Yee can face a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment of 3 years, or both.

However, have you ever wondered what Amos Yee might have been up to before the whole anti- Lee Kuan Yew video fiasco? Interested in finding out more about the bespectacled boy with the crazy hair?

Fact #1:

First things first…

You should know that the black-rimmed spectacles he is seen wearing in the video is, in actual fact, fake. He had previously brought it up in another YouTube video of his, entitled, ‘My Lost Love’,( in which he spoke of a girl he had (and perhaps still has) a crush on. He explained how he was so infatuated with her that he even bought a fake pair of spectacles that looked similar to the one his crush- who had since rejected him four times- wore. Weird… and truthfully, more than a little bit creepy.

Fact #2:

He’s a filmmaker, and not a bad one, at that!

In 2011, he won both the Best Actor and Best Short Film awards at The New Paper’s inaugural FiRST Film Fest, for his video, Jan. In the video, he speaks with the same, thick American accent as in his anti-LKY video, and poses as three different characters, all friends. The friends are engaged in conversation, in which one of them attempts to persuade the other two to help his friend Jan out, who has cancer. The video is truthfully, pretty humorous.  Nevertheless, watch at your own risk!

Click the link to watch Jan:

Fact #3:

He is also an experienced actor.

His mentor in the FiRST Film Fest, director Jack Neo, following the competition, presented him with a minor acting role in his upcoming film, We Not Naughty. However, rather than express his gratitude for being given the chance to showcase his acting skills, he criticised the film, commenting how even “(his) whole family (agreed) its freaking messy.”

Fact #4:

His videos are all pretty radical.

Amos Yee then went on to create a Youtube video about Chinese New Year, remarking how the Chinese copy American New Year. The video was pretty notorious as well, back when he released it. It may seem Amos Yee quite prefers the Western culture over his own, judging from the thick accent he has on throughout his videos. He also posted another video about how he was going to stop giving tuition, for fear that he might be prostituting himself.

Fact #5:

It just gets better and better…

A lesser known fact is, along with his anti-LKY video, he also posted a tweet with a link to a gif he had created, showing an extremely offensive cartoon of Mr Lee and Margaret Thatcher. The gif has received a lot of backlash from online users.

Well, it may seem that this is how 17 year old Amos Yee would like to portray himself to the general public. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that he has left considerably deep impressions on us all.

Hannah Chua