Book Review: The five people you meet in heaven.


The Five People you meet in heaven, a beautiful touching novel written by Mitch Albom. This book follows the life of a man named Eddie, who works at an amusement park as a maintenance man. After his heroic attempt to save a little girl from an incident, he passes away. From there on, we follow him to meet the five people that have been waiting for him.

It is a heart-warming story about life after death, where Eddie reunites with his beloved, meets people whom he has never met and learns more about his past, and yes, just as the title suggests, he meets five very important people that changes his life in many different ways.

Throughout it all, it was a really good book, the feelings of Eddie were transmitted very well, one could say that you were taking off his skin and walking around in it. There were times when I shed a few tears, times when I laughed out with joy. I enjoyed reading it very much. Truth said, every story must come to an end, may it be a happy one or a sad one. The ending to this book really depends on ones view of things, it was a neutral ending where Eddie learnt his true self and got wh at he desired, while the people down on Earth grieved for his death, a beautiful novel that truly deserves praise. For those people who love books, do check out some of Mitch Albom’s other books. I recommend The First Phone Call From Heaven. Take your time and have fun reading!

-Guan Xin Stephanie (2P)


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