A minister in the PAP was criticised for coming up with a new workout to honour Lee Kuan Yew after his death.  The numbers of times the components of the workout were significant numbers, such as the numbers of Singapore’s independence date, and Mr Lee’s age.

Personally, I find it predictable that this was widely panned.  It was not a very sensitive, tasteful, or tactful way to honour a recently-dead person.  A workout is somewhat frivolous and a little silly: one has to contort oneself into strange positions in the process.  Just imagine someone doing some burpees- one will quickly see why it is not appropriate to honour a deceased person with such an exercise.  On the other hand, I don’t think Mr Teo should be lynched: this workout was crafted out of respect for Mr Lee, and there were no ill intentions.

This should be a lesson to us all:  just because something was done with good intentions does not mean it is appropriate.

-Tang Sze Kay (4 Loyalty)


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