Chilli crab

Chilli crab is one of Singapore’s most famous local dishes. The tangy sauce is made deliciously fragrant with garlic and rice vinegar, while thickening flour and egg ribbons (produced by adding beaten eggs towards the end of the cooking process) are added to give the chilli crab dish the fluffy texture it’s known for. This dish electrifies your palate and satisfies your taste buds.

For an extra oomph, I dipped some mantou (toasted buns) into the thick gravy, which left me hankering for more. While mud crabs are commonly used in the preparation of this dish, other varieties such as the soft-shell crab can also be used. Once I crack open the shell of the crab, the aroma of the sauce combined with the crab filled the whole room. The smell of the dish drfit into my nose, dragging me towards the dish to sniff more. At first bite, when my teeth pierce into the flesh of the crab and the buttery juices from the crab flow down my throat. The texture of the crab is soft yet chewy.

There are male and female crabs. For the female ones, the crab roe inside is a must try. With just one lick, I can pick up a tongue full of the roe. The taste of it it so good, its indescribable. Its natural yellowness may sometimes look unappetising, but you will definitely make the exception for its taste.

If you’re a fan of seafood, this is one dish that you must have in Singapore.


Giselle Cho (1F)


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