Book Review: Struck by Jennifer Bosworth

Fiction novels are mainly run-of-the-mill and sometimes rather clichéd, but Struck by Jennifer Bosworth will be imprinted deeply in your mind for the rest of your life. Bosworth introduces Mia Price, a teenager in Los Angeles, where lightning rarely strikes, and where she believes she is safer from her addiction. Mia has survived countless lightning strikes, but is left with red scars snaking across her body. She craves lightning like she craves oxygen. Every lightning strike endangers Mia’s life, and the lives of innocent citizens around her. There’s much more supernatural happening with Mia than just surviving lightning strikes. She’s being forced to choose a side after an earthquake rocks her world – the mysterious Seekers always clad in black, or the Followers in their white that symbolizes purity.

I thoroughly enjoyed Struck and it has kept me up to the wee hours of the morning. It is a whirlwind of thrilling romance, fast-paced action and the heart-wrenching love between Mia and her brother, Parker. The feisty heroine is smart and will do anything for the ones she loves. Never would I have imagined that slow-to-trust Mia would have an instant connection with the alluring Jeremy, who stalked her and even tried to murder her. I think the most well-developed character was probably Mia’s mother, Sarah. Bosworth provides an insight into her feelings, thoughts and history, and also how she dug a trench of depression for herself. I feel that the most hated character is Prophet – whose name is really Prophet – as he is cunning, crafty and a master of trickery. Jeremy, too, has made a great impact on me, despite not being the main character. He shows that anything is possible and we, human beings, are able to defy our fates and create a brand new future for ourselves. Parker’s character implies that we should follow our hearts and do what we think is right, even if others go against us. Mia is a strong, independent character, and believes in no one but herself. Her goal in life is to keep those around her safe from harm – which probably means to stay well away from lightning strikes.

I would recommend this book to all action-lovers and anyone who does not mind a bit of blood and suffering. Be prepared to submerge in a sea of lightning as you dive into Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth.

-Chua Wei Ting (1 Truth)


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