Book Review

Possession – something that is owned or possessed by someone. That is the definition of the word ‘possession’ from the dictionary. It is, indeed, quite accurate. In Possession, the Goodies are controlled by the Thinkers, also called the Greenies as if they are possessed. To put it simply, Possession is a game of control or be controlled.

It is mandatory to plug into the brainwashing transmissions every night for eight hours, but Vi stopped listening to them ever since she found a way to disconnect her communicator such that the records showed that she plugged in but she did not have to listen to the transmissions. Vi is a rebel who dislikes being controlled by the Thinkers. She has a special ability – one that can sense tech and break it too. Having broken several rules, Vi is sent to prison where she eventually meets Jag, the bad boy who is a Free Thinker like Vi. Jag is the exact opposite of Zenn, Vi’s match.

Zenn is training with the Special Forces and would eventually join the Thinkers, but that does not stop their friendship – they were perfectly happy being matched together. Jag and Vi break out of prison together and try to flee to the Badlands – a place of banishment. It is not completely free there but it is a place which is at least more loosely monitored by the government. The journey to the Badlands is an arduous one full of adventure, risks and close shaves. It is in this period of time that the love relationship between Jag and Vi blossoms.

Possession is a fast-paced, action-packed book filled with mysterious characters who will keep you guessing whether they are on Vi and Jag’s side or the Greenie’s side. The unexpected twists and turns will keep you flipping the pages eagerly. Who will Vi choose? Jag or Zenn? This love triangle just gets more and more complicated…

This triology written by Elana Johnson consists of three novels, namely Possession, Surrender and Abandon, all of which are worth reading. Be warned – Possession will leave you eager to read Surrender and after that, Abandon.


-Chloe Kho


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