Wreck This Journal

This paperback you see here is not another boring wordy novel. In fact, it’s almost blank. But how does a blank book interest anyone? Well, the answer is simple. As its name states, wreck this journal wants you to do whatever your heart commands to the novel. One simply follows the instructions given in the book to create your very own personalized journal- something you can claim authorship for.  The reason why I chose to review this book is because I think that it is an innovative twist to a normal novel we see in the bookstores.

The book, chock full of instructions, helps one supposedly in “wrecking the journal”, although many take more pride in embellishing the book with colours and cutesy fonts. The book stands out because it is interactive- it allows us to illustrate the book and make it one of a kind- something we can truly call our own.

The book is by Keri Smith herself, who has also written many other novels such as “how to be an explorer in the world” and “this is not a book”. Most of her books are either guides or interactive novels, which I feel is a creative concept which certainly catches one’s eye.

This is probably why “wreck this journal” books are a hot sell, and they sweep off the bookshelves in a jiffy. If you are free, I strongly urge you to swing by the bookstores. You might just be able to grab one of these.

At a reasonable price of 25 dollars, this book is definitely not worth a miss. You can’t get it in libraries, or watch it develop into a film, so the handy dandy book is definitely worth a buy!

I feel that although there are many platforms for us to express our opinions and unleash our creativity, there is nothing more apt than going back to the basics-a book. Thus, the wreck it journal holds so much more meaning and purpose in one’s life when we use it as a tool to express our thoughts and style belonging to ourselves.


-Nicolette Kum (2 Unity)


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