Short story

Thump. Thump. Thump.

It’s not just his footsteps that resonates with that monotonous , yet menacing sound. Its in her chest as well, just that it’s seemingly louder to her, the noise reverberating in her mind.

The heavy, metal constraints around her limbs rattle as she adjusts her body, curling her decrepit form into a ball, wrapping her bony arms around herself, as if trying to shrink and disappear altogether.

With a heart-wrenching “Eeee!”, the door swings open. Here he comes; the part she hates the most out of everything.


The door slams shut behind him, and he continues his advance towards her.

She steals a glance at him, carefully scrutinizing his visage discreetly.  A warm and gentle smile paints his face, enhancing his handsome features, and making him look almost…


That is, if she hadn’t known him for the beast he really was.

Wearing that tender expression on his face, he stoops to her level, cupping her chin, and comes face-to face with her. Stroking the marred skin on her face, and in that deep, clear voice she used to love listening to, he speaks.

“Hello, darling. I miss you. Miss me today? “

These words fill her with nothing but disgust. She’s disgusted by his hypocrisy, repulsed by that mask of a smile on his face, and sick to her stomach with the mere thought of him.

When she says nothing, the smile melts away, into an expression of displeasure.


Retaining her silence, she averts her gaze. No. She will not submit to him. She refuses –

Her thoughts are interrupted by a sudden weight descending on her windpipe.

Gasping for air, a small sound – a cross between a wheeze and whimper – somehow escapes her throat as she sees a flash of silver in his hand.

“Oh. So now you’re sorry. My sincerest apologies, love, but I warned you of the consequences, especially about ignoring your lover. Now it’s time for you to be punished. “

Done by: April Ang Si Jia


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