Book review


The Son is an emotional and influential story. Written from the perspective of the dead son, as he witnesses how his father overcomes his grief, clearly expressed, over his death through the documentary of the different events after his death.
I feel that this story allows readers to reflect upon how we, people, regard tragedies and overcome our grief, carrying on with our lives. This story also shares the experience and thoughts of parents who lose their child, allowing us to empathise with them and learn to understand more about what our parents are going through in life. While this story is sorrow-filled and heart-breaking, there is a feeling of celebration of life and a memoir of remembrance and hope for the future, written beautifully amidst the sorrow and grey patches of the son’s death. My major takeaway from this meaningful story is my changed perception of “Death” and “Life”. Death may not be a bad thing, it’s a celebration of life and remembrance. This thought-provoking novel is beautifully written and offers us hope and positivity in our lives. Definitely a great and meaningful read!
This story relates well to the recent passing of our forefather, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It is definitely a huge loss to Singapore and Singaporeans’ grief is evident. However , through it all, it is a celebration of his life as we, Singaporeans reflect upon the contributions and sacrifices that Mr Lee had made for Singapore and expressing our utmost gratitude toward him in all manners. Hence, we will always remember our founding father, Mr Lee, as the captain who steered us into safe waters and providing us with the peaceful life that we are living today. For now, he is safe in his harbor. Good bye, Mr Lee.

Rachael Fong (1L)


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