Bizarre foods have been getting more and more attention lately with the rise of foodie shows travelling around the world, searching for some of the most strange, unimaginable, yet unique types of foods in the world. Surprisingly, most of them often turn out to be rather delicious!

One of such delicacies is the Balut. The balut (or balot) is popular on the streets of Philippines, and common in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. A balut is a fertilised duck egg that is boiled and eaten in the shell. Horrifying, isn’t it? However, many filipinos love this street food, usually served with beer and dipped in either salt or a chili, garlic and vinegar mixture. They are eaten directly from the shell, and while we feel repelled from the idea of it now, many people who have tried the delicacy have said that it is a lot better than what they have expected! Watch a video of people trying balut for the first time:

Well, how do you eat the balut? After cracking and making a small hole on the top part of the egg, drink the juice of the egg first. Then, peel the egg to eat the yolk and the young chick. The egg can be cooked and consumes at different ages depending on the country. In the Philippines, the ideal balut is 17 days old, when the chick is not yet developed while the Vietnamese prefer their balut to be from 19 to 21 days old, when the chick has developed bones that will turn tender when cooked.

Balut also has nutritious value and are energy boosters as they provide a lot of calories even with so little per serving. They are also a good source of proteins that help us build and repair our tissues, which are building blocks of important body parts like muscles and blood. Some also say that the balut is a good aphrodisiac food.

So, If you are up for a challenge, I definitely suggest to try the balut!


Source for reference: Wikipedia and Business insider

Lim See Mun  4 Truth


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