Taylor Swift Shakes It Off

1.287 million copies of Taylor’s Swift 1989 album were sold in a week after being officially released. Her lead single “Shake It Off” has received nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at 2015 Grammy Awards. Not only that, “Shake It Off” topped 15 music charts all around the world. At the age of 25, she has received countless awards due to her great music. Her music has changed tremendously from country music to pop music.  “Two years gives you enough time to grow and change; change what you believe in and what’s influencing and inspiring you,” Taylor Swift said of the two years between her Red and 1989 albums. “In the process, my music changed. I woke up every single day not wanting, but needing, to make a new style of music. This album is a rebirth for me.”

“Shake it off” has many views on YouTube as people are attracted to the catchy rhythm and the repetitive lyrics of the song. This song encourages people to not be stressed over how others judge them and it helps to let them forget about their troubles. This song helps to lighten one’s spirits. So, whenever you are stressed, remember to shake your troubles off!

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-Sarah Tok (1 Purity)


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