Music Favourites

Beneath the sound waves of guitar riffs and bass drops of dubstep, beneath the electrifying tune of techno music and brilliantly catchy dance anthems, there is a genre of music more uncommon to people – indie/alternative.

Personally, what I love the most about indie music is that every song serves to spark up different emotions. You have the ‘lullaby versions’, where the gentle thrumming of the bass beats in sync with your heart and the soothing voice of the vocalist washes over you like calm waves. Those songs make you want to look out the window, sigh in content and watch raindrops trickle down the glass panels as you wrap yourself up in a comfortable jumper. But you also have the ‘upbeat versions’ in which every drumbeat makes you want to take a little skip as you walk down the long road with sunlight streaming through the leaves and gently caressing your skin. Songs like these – coupled with the beautiful strums of acoustic guitars – make you feel free of stress and all troubling thoughts, wanting very much to just enjoy an ordinary afternoon.

If you’re the kind of person who lurks around on Tumblr, you’ll find that there are many blogs dedicated to indie artists such as Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend or Florence and the Machine. The more popular indie bands now rising to fame would of course be Arctic Monkeys and Foster the People.

Aside from Tumblr, if you’re in need of listening to indie songs, but your playlist is empty, I recommend 8tracks – a website that allows anyone and everyone to submit their own playlists (and fanmixes). Every playlist is categorized not just by music genre, but also according to moods and situations. For example, if you require music to study productively, go search it up! So, try searching in the ‘indie’ or ‘alternative’ tag – there are definitely nice playlists waiting for you out there.

Or, if you want quick recommendations, I’ve listed 5 songs right here. Happy listening!
1. Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys
2. Rivers and Roads by The Head and The Heart
3. Are You What You Wanna Be by Foster the People
4. Changing of the Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club
5. Here It Goes Again by OK Go

– Yan Ling (4U)


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