Food Review

After school one afternoon, I came across an interesting advertisement on television. Of all things, it was about the new KFC curry rice bucket. This is not the first rice bucket that KFC has come up with, after the a la king and original recipe ones. The meal was at least 80% of what it looked like in the picture. When I first tasted it, it was still hot with steam coming out, making it difficult for me to differentiate whether it was hot or spicy. The climax of the KFC curry rice bucket was the potatoes which were cooked to perfection. However, the serving size was too much for me because I ended up having quite a bit of leftovers. The crispy popcorn chicken on the bed of chicken rice was nice and bite-sized. Overall, the KFC rice bucket stands out among KFC’s menu of fried chicken but caution has to be given to those who cannot tolerate spicy foods. For just $5, you can have this attractive mix of Popcorn Chicken, curry and potatoes on rice, coupled with a drink of your choice. Just say the catchphrase “Local upsize on 5, sogood” upon ordering and your drink can be upsized for free!

~Trina Chong (3U)



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