Food Review

Fast food is the term given to food prepared and served very quickly. Although it can be food which is prepared quickly but it typically refers to food served in restaurants with preheated or precooked items conveniently packed for customers to eat there or take-away. Some examples include McDonalds, Burger King and KFC.

Most people are attracted to fast food like bees are attracted to honey. How many times have you gone to a fast food restaurant when you were hungry? Or ordered some burgers and fries because you didn’t want to eat home cooked food? Not only are these types of food tasty and filling, they are also extremely unhealthy.

In junk food, there is a lot of salt added to enhance the taste. It is reasonably priced and convenient but we don’t need an expert to say that they don’t use the best quality ingredients. They make the food with the cheapest ingredients available and who knows where the hands touching your food have been. The staff at fast food joints may not necessarily be trained in food safety and hygiene. Fries may be tempting but they are deep fried in oil, which leads to extra calories. Fast food looks appetizing but did you know this is only due to the fact that so much preservatives and colourings are added!

The next time you decide to grab a quick meal at a fast food restaurant, think of what I have just mentioned. Perhaps some homemade food with quality ingredients, followed by some fruits would be a better choice.


-Jocelyn (2T)


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