Book Review

The Dog Whisperer

Have you heard of the name Cesar Millan? The one who hosts the show, Dog Whisperer. His ability to discipline the dogs are rather extraordinary seeing how he can shoot an aggressive dog down just with the point of his finger. If I could do that, it would be like dream come true for me.

Cesar Millan is a Mexican American. As a self-taught dog trainer, he is widely known for his television series, Dog Whisperer.  Cesar grew up working with animals on his grandfather’s Sinaloa farm Because of his natural way with dogs, he was called “the dog boy”. Later he grew up and went to US, his first job being a dog groomer. Now, his work focuses on handling a dog with what he calls “calm-assertive energy”. He approaches dog behaviour by teaching dog owners to establish their role as calm-assertive pack leaders.

According to Millan, dogs have three primary needs. exercise, discipline and affection. Cesar Millan has always dreamed of starting a massive movement of pack leadership to help animals and humans achieve balance. So he founded the Millan Foundation.

The way which he expresses himself in front of other people is really amazing, the dogs just seem to obey his every command! Cesar has helped many to overcome their pet problems. Personally, I have a dog at home but he never ever listens to me no matter what I do. Cesar just points his finger at the dog he is disciplining, and the dog just submits to him quietly. Its is really amazing. The man said, “My goal in rehabilitating dogs and training people is to create balanced relationships between humans and canines.” The next time you turn on your tv to watch national geography or other channels, be sure to check out Dog Whisperer!

-Stephanie Guan (2p)


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