Last Ten Minutes of Recess

When you find a table, you are happy.  You are so happy that after searching for untold ages you have finally found somewhere to sit.  But you are also sad.  This is because you see many horrible things on the table.  Yellow noodles curl like rats’ tails beside brown puddles of milo mixed with the cold drippy water from melted ice and rice grains dot the plastic surface rubbing shoulders with drops of dark red chilli.  In the corner, an errant plastic bag flutters, weighed down by an unpleasant piece of half-finished sandwich lolling indolently in its own grease.  Dismayed, you look about you, and you see once again to your upset that the canteen is as full as it was a minute ago.  You turn back to the display of spilled food before you, and then at the benches beside, which are the only ones unoccupied in this crowded, noisy jungle with the atmosphere of a riot and you sigh.  You sigh because your bowl of noodles- your beautiful bowl of noodles, which you had purchased for a dollar and twenty cents- have to be eaten in ten minutes.  It pains you to do such injustice to such a gorgeous bowl of noodles (which obviously deserves so much more care and attention), and even more so to sit at such an unsavoury table, but as well as time and tide Biology lesson also waits for no man.

So you sit down (happy, at least, to do so at last), avoid placing your elbow in the milo spill, and begin to eat.


Tang Sze Kay – 3L