School has Reopened

Gone are the days of waking up late in the afternoon, of gathering with our primary school classmates and basically wolfing down all the food we can eat. Like a breathtaking landscape blurring into indistinct shades of light and colour, the holidays we have treasured have ended, only to make way for another dreadful semester.Today is only the third day since school reopened, but there are already black Gucci leather bags under my eyes.

My alarm clock is now set to 5:45am and the day’s activities are nothing like those during the holidays. With new teachers, new modules and new things to learn, this semester seems to promise quite a thrill ride ahead. Even so, a tinge of apprehension pinches at my heart. Last semester saw many tough times, from intense preparations for exams to burning midnight oils just to meet project deadlines. But I don’t know whether I can be the student I used to be given the state of inertia I am in. I wonder if I still have the energy to overcome the challenges ahead.

It is motivating to have new responsibilities after so long though. The conveyor belt of homework has been switched on and projects will soon be coming up, just like a new movie hitting the theatres soon. Gearing up for end of year examinations has started as early as now and it is rewarding to be able to experience the joy of learning once again.

One event that is keeping me buoyed is the Sec 2 Alumni camp. It will provide us with a chance to strengthen the friendships we have forged over the past one and a half years. I never expected to receive so much generously given friendship! I accept them and appreciate them deeply. Time spent with our classmates is getting more precious by the day, for we will be split up into various classes next year.

Moving forward, let us give this new semester a chance to work things out, even though withdrawal symptoms from the holidays are making it hard to do so. Time will inevitably pass us by just like sand seeping through our fingers. In school life’s adventures, I hope that happiness would be our destination.

-Trina Chong(2U)


2048 the hit game

Does the number seem familiar to you? It’s the latest popular game that hit the top charts in the Samsung and Apple app store!
This game is about joining the same numbers together, on a 4 by 4 game board. The numbers include certain even square numbers like 2, 4, 8, 16, the numbers double themselves and go on. When you reach “2048” you officially win. That’s how the game’s name came about.
Just after a week of 2048’s debut, I spotted people playing the game everywhere. In school, in shopping malls, on buses and trains. Some even with their eyes totally fixated on the screen like walking zombies.
News spread quickly, and that was how I found out about that game.
Why is the game so interesting? Well, it simple to understand, with only colour shades like yellow, orange and white so the screen is not hectic like some other games. This entertaining game offers you a relaxing getaway into a world of numbers and strategy. Free of charge, with clear graphics, downloadable, usable without internet connection, 2048 engages you and occupies your time. What a great chance to challenge and beat your friends! And showing off your personal high scores on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram!
A classmate of mine even managed to make it to 4096. Amazing!!
For those new to this game, you will find yourself getting addicted quickly.
For those getting tired playing it, did you know there are many imitations of the game online? Using colours, images and words instead of the same number tiles. Fans of Taylor Swift and Exo should seriously try playing with the celebrities’ faces.
A website on Google Chrome even enables you to create your own 2048 version with your own pictures and letters.
A simple game 2048 has turned out to be a great hit, probably the most popular game in the year, sparking inspiration in gaming individuals. Another similar game, Isotopic 256 has been created, who knows how many more will be too………

-Genevieve Sim(1P)

~Jokes to brighten your day! ~

1. Son: Mom, can you give me $20?
Mom: No, what do you think? Am I made out of money?
Son: Isn’t that what it stands for?
O-Out of
2. Father: How do you like going to school?
Son: The going and coming bit is fine but it’s the middle that I don’t like!
3. Mom: Didn’t I tell you not to eat cake before supper?
Son: But it’s part of my math homework! See if you ate one eighth of a cake from a whole cake, how much is left?
4. Teacher: Your daughter’s only five and she can spell her name backwards? Why, that’s amazing!
Mother: Yes and we’re very proud of her.
Teacher: And what is your daughter’s name?
Mother: Anna.
5. Student: Would you punish me for something that I didn’t do?
Teacher: Of course not.
Student: Good because I didn’t do my homework.
6. Who says that kids these days are not smart?
In a high school in Montana, a group of students decided to play a prank on the school.
They let three goats loose in the school.
Before they let them go they painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 at the sides of the goat.
Local school administrators spent almost all day searching for number 3.
7. A priest is walking down the street one day when he notices a very small boy trying to press the doorbell on a house across the street.
However, the boy is very small, and the doorbell is too high for him to reach. After watching the boy’s efforts for some time, the priest steps smartly across the street, walks up behind the little fellow and, placing one hand kindly on the child’s shoulder, leans over the boy and gives the doorbell a solid ring.
Crouching down to the child’s level, the priest smiles benevolently and asks, “And now what, my little man?”

To which the boy replies, “Now we run!”
8. I used to think the brain was the most important organ. Then I thought, look what’s telling me that.
9. What kind of shoes do ninjas wear? Sneakers.
10. What do you do if you want to catch a squirrel? Just climb a tree and act like a nut.

-Laura Zheng(1L)

Music Favourites: Brave by Sara Bareilles

Last year, American singer and songwriter Sara Bareilles released the lead single from her album, The Blessed Unrest, titled ‘Brave’. Since then, it has been nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and has been featured in the 97th episode of the popular musical series ‘Glee’. It has also received very positive remarks from music critics. As Hally Rubenstein of MTV writes, “’Brave’ is Sara’s most mainstream, pop radio-friendly effort to date”.
Although this song is not a recent release, it is a favourite of mine because of the positive message the song hopes to bring across. Sara herself has said in an interview that “there’s so much honour and integrity and beauty in being able to be who you are, [and] it’s important to be brave because by doing that you also give others permission to do the same”.
Not only does the song have a meaningful theme of bravery and standing up for yourself, it is also very listenable and catchy.
Sources: &


-Soh Wen Shuen(2W)

Book Review: A Little Princess

little princess

“Whatever comes,” she said, “cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”

A Little Princess is a 1905 children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Originally titled “Sara Crewe”, the book follows Sara Crewe, an exceptionally intelligent and imaginative student at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies, and tells of how she overcomes the struggles in her life.
Sara Crewe is sent to Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies by her father, Captain Crewe, and Miss Minchin treats her as a star pupil because she’s rich, but secretly she has a serious dislike of the little girl—and Miss Minchin doesn’t like to feel threatened in any way. Miss Minchin later treats Sara to a very luxurious eleventh birthday party per Captain Crewe’s request. Just as the party is ending, however, Captain Crewe’s lawyer arrives unexpectedly and delivers bad news: Captain Crewe has died, leaving Sara an orphaned pauper. Now penniless and banished to a room in the attic by Miss Minchin, Sara is demeaned, abused, and forced to work as a servant.
How this resourceful little girl’s fortunes change again is at the centre of A Little Princess, one of the best-loved stories in all of children’s literature. Get ready to follow Sara Crewe as you dive into her heart-warming and touching story in… A Little Princess.

-Germaine Lee(1T)

Food Review: Crepes


Crêpes is a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour. The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin word “crispa”, meaning “curled”. While crêpes are often associated with Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is widespread in France, Belgium, Quebec and many parts of Europe.
Crêpes are made by pouring a thin liquid batter onto a hot frying pan or flat circular hot plate, often with a trace of butter on the surface. The batter is spread evenly over the cooking surface of the pan or plate either by tilting the pan or by distributing the batter with a spatula.
Especially popular throughout France, the common ingredients used to make crêpes include flour, eggs, milk, butter, and a pinch of salt. There are two types of crêpes: sweet crêpes, made with wheat flour and slightly sweetened; and savoury galettes, made with buckwheat flour and unsweetened. There are other types of crêpes too, namely the Mille crêpes, a French cake made of many crêpe layers, and the crêpe Suzette, a crêpe with lightly grated orange peel and liqueur which is subsequently lit upon presentation.
Some of the common savoury fillings for crêpes served for lunch or dinner are cheese, ham, and eggs, ratatouille, mushrooms and various meat products. The fillings are commonly added to the centre of the crêpe and served with the edges partially folded over the centre. When sweet, they can be eaten as part of breakfast or as a dessert. They can be filled and topped with various sweet toppings, often including Nutella, sugar maple syrup, lemon juice, whipped cream, ice cream or sliced soft fruits, though having a hot crispy crepe with an ice cold ice-cream is more my type.


-Germaine Lee(1T)

Music Favourites: 5 Seconds of Summer

Calling all 5 Seconds of Summer fans! Have you heard their new album ‘Don’t stop’ yet? If you haven’t, then do so now!
‘Don’t Stop’ is a song by Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer, taken from their self-titled debut album, 5 Seconds of Summer (2014). The song was released on 16 June 2014 through Capitol Records and Hi or Hey Records as the album’s second single.
The song debuted at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart, selling 80,022 copies. A lyric video for the single was released on 5 May 2014 through the band’s Vevo channel. The official music video was released two weeks later on 19 May 2014 at a total length of three minutes and 38 seconds. In the animated clip, Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton daydream about becoming superheroes, and, next thing you know, we have the crime-fighting quartet Mike-Ro-Wave, Dr. Fluke, CalPal and SmAsh.
In the music video of ‘Don’t Stop’, all the four members of the band are animated and it was indeed interesting to watch them from a different perspective, as animated characters and as real-life people. The band has also caught the attention of many people worldwide, with the animated music video of the song having 7,547,972 views and the un-animated video having a total of 14,193,941 views on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard their new song, here’s the link!
And also, here’s a picture of their album for you!


-Chevonne Law(2H)