Some jokes to brighten your day

1. What did one cannibal say to the other when they were eating a clown?
Does this taste funny to you?
2. What happened to the frog’s car when it broke down?
It got toad away.
3. What nails do carpenters hate to hit?
4. What did the banana say to the doctor?
I’m not peeling well.
5. Why do you like potato jokes so much?
You could say they’re ‘apeeling’.
6. Did you hear about the guy who dreamt that he was eating a giant marshmallow?
When he woke up, his pillow was gone!
7. A woman and her son were back from the supermarket. The son immediately emptied a box of animal crackers on the dining table. When questioned by his mother, he replied “The box said ‘Do not eat if seal is broken’, so I’m looking for the seal!”
8. Who earns a living by driving customers away?
A taxi driver.
9. What did the lawyer name his daughter?
10. Teacher: why does a stone sink if you throw it in water?
Student: Because it can’t swim!




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